The Third Floor is an Amsterdam-based agency focusing on communication with today's digital consumer. Our roots are in advertising, media & creativity, from where, we look ahead and pivot to connect our clients with their customers. Curiosity & thirst for knowledge drives us in our interpretation of brands and allows us to guide our clients’ digital transformation. We create & deliver solutions through any type of media to help brands share and connect in today’s “always on, 24/7” world. The Third Floor is partner for campaigns that add value and relevance to any communication or strategy.

What we do

We create/produce campaigns and strong contact points to move people. We need to know and understand your customers, their worlds and where and when they are open to meet your business, brand or product. We need a brief and a budget to optimize your business. It sounds easy and it is. Every hour searching is consuming budget which is far better invested in research, development and creation. If you're interested in a scan from your business or brand folowed up by a fresh and surprising approach, call us for an appointment in Amsterdam at +31653864371






Our network/co workers of experienced creatives, marketing and technology professionals.